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A HUGE thank you to all who donated to The Triple Play Project!

Thank you to all the $100+ contributors: R.C., Sharon Brackett, Dave Bedrosian, Layla Mashayekhi, Isabel Omero, Jennifer Collins, Madeleine Crouch, Julia Bailey, Kathryn Davis, Betsy Mines, Thomas Yates, Edy Bronston, Leanne Kirk, Jan Klincewicz, Jen Mulder, Bernadette Grosjean, Joe Scherzer, Steven Simon, Abby Evans, Saul Kent, Deborah Loober, Kevin Vandever, Michael Simon, Nancy Terry, Amanda Simpson, Steven Wehmhoff, Richard and Evelyn Leitham, Connie Tamburo, Valerie Ploumpis, Gino Rodeghier, Ari Ginsburg, Sara Law, Marjolaine Fournier, Dana Beyer, Lisa Schwab, Jennifer Watkins, Hanne Johnson, Jack Oswald, Dan Shaughnessy, Tony Green, Ginger Berglund, Donna Wilber, Paul Ellison, Susan Kohler, Kathy Talaro, Karla B. Hughes, Mary Ann Sereth, Melissa M Shepherd, Brad Williams, Rebecca Heineman, Mia F Yamamoto, Nancy Patterson, Michael Schnoebelen, Carol Tantou,.....................................................plus those who remain anonymous. Thanks also to everyone who has donated at the other levels!

Upcoming shows are in the Itinerary section

Jennifer was recently interviewed by Osiris Munir for The Culver City News, there are 3 parts - see it here

I STAND CORRECTED View the trailer here

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